Math Worksheet

percentage change

Enter the initial and final value into the box above respectively.

percentage change formular

change in percentage

p\%=\frac{Final \ – Initial}{Initial} \times 100\%

Percentage change is a way to show how much something has increased or decreased compared to its original amount. It is usually expressed as a number followed by a percent sign (%).


Let’s say you have a collection of 10 toys, but then you buy 2 more toys. To find out the percentage change in the number of toys you have, you would first calculate the difference between the two amounts (10 toys and 12 toys), which is 2 toys.

Then, you would divide that difference by the original amount (10 toys), which gives you 0.2. Finally, you multiply that number by 100 to convert it to a percentage, which gives you a 20% increase in the number of toys you have.