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(3x +4y)(x − y)

(3x +4y)(x − y)

An algebra term that involves using brackets is called a “parenthesis.” In math, brackets are used to group numbers and operations together to show which ones should be calculated first.

Example of Bracket Expression

Let’s say we have the expression: 2 x (3 + 4). This means we need to multiply 2 by the result of adding 3 and 4 together.

Simplify Version

First, we solve what’s inside the brackets:
3 + 4 = 7.

Now we can multiply:
2 x 7 = 14.

So, the result of 2 x (3 + 4) is 14.

In simple terms, brackets are like a special group that tells us which math problems to solve first in a bigger problem.

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