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logarithms base worksheet

Enter logarithmic base expression in this form log_4(1/44) ( \log_4\left(\frac{1}{144}\right) )


logarithms base


Enter into the pad using this format


Base logarithms in the form log_a(1/y) refer to the logarithm of the fraction 1/y with base “a”.


Let’s say we have log_2(1/8). This means we are finding the logarithm of the fraction 1/8 with base 2.

To solve this, we can rewrite 1/8 as a power of 2:

1/8 = 2^{-3} \log_2(1/8) = \log_2(2^{-3})

Now, we know that log_a(a^b) = b, so:

log_a(a^b) = b \log_2(2^{-3}) = -3

Therefore, log_2(1/8) = -3.

\log_2(1/8) = -3


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