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logarithms division worksheet

Solves logarithmic difference in this form ( \log A – \log B )


logarithms division

To divide two numbers, use the second laws of logarithms

\log\left(\frac{A}{B}\right)=\log A-\log B

Logarithms represent the power to which a base number must be raised to equal a given number. When you see an expression like “log A – log B,” it means we are looking at the difference between two logarithms.

To calculate this, we use a property of logarithms that says the difference of two logarithms with the same base is equal to the logarithm of the division of the numbers inside the logs.

Example of Logarithms Division / Difference

For example, if we have log 100 – log 10, we can simplify this as follows:

log 100 – log 10 = log (100/10) = log 10

So, log 100 – log 10 = log 10.


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