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simplify logarithm

Enter quadratic equations expression in this form \log_2 16

logarithm base, index & power

Logarithm base


In mathematics, a logarithm is a mathematical function that represents the power to which a base number must be raised to obtain a given number. The base is the number being raised to the power, the index is the result of the logarithm function, and the exponent is the power to which the base must be raised.

\log_2 16


This expression means the base 2 logarithm of 16. In other words, it represents the power to which 2 must be raised to equal 16. In this case, the answer would be 4 because 2^4 = 16

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Logarithmic examples

\log 27- \log 91
\frac{1}{3}\log 27=81
4^{x-1} = 2^{2x+1}